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Payment Plan

20% deposit required on each item when put aside on payment plan.  If during the plan you change your mind on any item you lose the 20% deposit placed on the item that you no longer require.  You then have 8 weeks to pay the remaining balance from date that item is put aside or you can pay off earlier option is yours, once paid you receive the goods.  If you haven't paid goods within the 8 weeks we have the right to put items back out for sale and deposit will be lost as these items could have been sold previous.  No refunds are given.  Sales or promotions are exempt from payment plan.  

Example of purchase items totalling £200 
Deposit would be £40 minimum = £160 left to pay on payment plan.  Divide £160 by 8 weeks = £20 weekly payments.  

If you are interested in the payment plan please do contact me at